Transform browsing into buying.

Get your customers tailored recommendations in minutes, using your real-time inventory.

Built for: In-store customer experience, E-commerce and mobile plug-ins.

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How it works

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    Users answer guided questions

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    GolferX AI analyzes & queries database in real-time

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    Reference available inventory

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    GolferX returns personalized recommendations

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    Results email/texted directly to customer

Sell the inventory that you have.

Sell More Clubs

GolferX is an omni-channel AI solution designed to seamlessly connect your current inventory with your customers' preferences. Whether they're browsing online or exploring in-store, GolferX utilizes advanced algorithms to match your inventory to the specific choices made by each individual customer.

Clubhead & Shaft Recs

Crafting personalized recommendations tailored to the unique preferences and needs of each individual customer is at the heart of our approach.

Bulid Intelligent Profiles

Our strategy revolves around capturing and meticulously analyzing data to optimize customer lifetime value (LTV).


Convert More Visitors

Establishing and nurturing trust and loyalty with your customers by consistently delivering on promises, providing exceptional service, and prioritizing transparency is paramount.

Omni-Channel Platform

Bring AI in-store to speed up customer exploration and capture contact info to complete the sale online later.

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